Tuesday, February 16, 2010

home sweet homeee~


it has been a while since my last post..not to say i'm too busy..but, honestly, i've no interesting topic to be shared with,..

currently, i'm at my lovely hometown, bumi a break for just one week ++, this is the only time for me to be here, to see my lovely mum n dad..gather with my lovely family..

as usual, to make this very little time becomes really worth, lots of activities i had gone through with my siblings n mum from past two days...apart from staying home itself.

the day i safely arrived at Darul Iman itself, after perfrom Subuh prayer, i went to Kompleks Sukan Sultan Mizan, not far from Katojie..i had a very enjoyful moment with my sis, where we jogged around the nice big lake there..humm...fresh air, calm n quiet...don't think i can feel the same at Nilai..huuu

there are some photos i can share with..

emm..after that we had breakfast together at nearby stall/ warung.. wanted to have Nasi Dagang, but already sold out..huuu xde rezeki...

the next day, again we went to Stadium early in the morning..during afternoon, i went to my fren's house, attending his Wedding ceremony..humm..when is my turn ek..huhuhu..

Selamat Pengantin Baru Yusri & Chah. Hope happiness will always be with both of u.. :)

then, at the evening, i went to Sultan Mahmud Airport, escort my cousin, who is going back to Scotland. As SMA is jez near to the sea, my sis n i grab this great opportunity to have various seafoods "celup tepung" with my mum..yum2..very the delicious..he he

on the third day i'm here, we went to Ajil, visiting my aunt and uncle there. then, we have lunch at Majlis kenduri Kahwin at Padang Midin. last but not least, since we already near to Kuala Berang, my sis wanted to go to Jenagor, to have a look at the land that they wanted to purchase..i just follow la passenger..hehe.. on our way there, sempat la singgah gerai2 tepi jalan...bought some "jaggung", kacang2..yum2.. :)

humm..settle post i kali ni..tu je lahh..sepanjang 3 hr berada di bumi katojie..hari ke-empat (i.e. today..cadangnya nk kua jumpa kwn2 lame, kwn2 zaman kanak2 ribena, Nor Shazira x kobo lg kul wope, ngah tgu call dr dia la ni...humm..) cite est t i post lagi..daaa~